Insurance Requirements for Working at Hazardous Locations

April 07 2021 By Mitch Cookney

Working at hazardous locations is often an exclusion on a policy and it is also classed as a material fact that would need to be declared to an insurer. If this is breached, this could invalidate or prevent a claim from being made. But what exactly does a hazardous location mean?

This is often confused and many believe the term to be limited to nuclear or chemical sites. In fact, to an underwriter it can mean much more. An insurer could deem that a hazardous area extends to docks, wharfs, piers, harbours, bridges, railways, watercourses and the like, which are often prime locations for development.

One of the key areas that is often misunderstood is that many policies note “on or near”, with some defining what they mean by ‘near’, hidden within the wording. This can catch businesses out, especially when working within close proximity to a river.

It is fair to say that some brokers and online systems do not mention this to people, nor advise in this area. At Reich Construction, we work hard to ensure we understand your requirements and that we can arrange bespoke solutions to cover any work at hazardous locations, working with our preferred insurers so that they may understand the specific needs and requirements of the project.

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