Cladding, Cladding… and more Cladding

April 01 2021 By Mitch Cookney

Cladding has arguably been one of the hottest topics in the construction sector for a number of years now. The drive for alternative materials to create more cost-effective new homes is being pushed from all areas including investors, developers, government and new homeowners.

However, the concern around the combustibility of such materials has resulted in major losses and destruction of buildings. Once complete, many of these cladding materials are deemed as fireproof and we often see full details and certification confirming the non-combustibility of the completed product. However, many of these tests are on the completed product and during construction there is a considerable fire exposure.

For such exposures, we at Reich look to engage with insurers as early as possible to allow underwriters and the insurer's engineers to fully understand any such exposure. We can work with insurers to create a risk managed approach, including regular surveys during the build so that all parties fully understand the exposure and manage it as such.

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