Reich Claims App

For both Motor Fleet and Personal Lines customers our Reich Claims App can be utilised to both capture and snapshot an incident circumstances and provide guidance to drivers, when most needed.

How to download the app and sign up

  • Enter the App Store for iOS or the Google Play store for Android to download the Reich Group Claims App.
  • Type 'Reich Group Claims App' into the search box and click 'Get' to begin downloading. From here, you can open the App and begin your registration.
  • Once you’ve downloaded and entered the App, you will be taken to a page where you can begin to add your first policy.
  • Simply tap the + button which will bring up the ‘Your Details’ page. Please fill this out carefully. It is also required here to accept the terms and conditions to progress with the app. This Terms & Conditions page is to ensure that all information is read and understood before progressing to the next stage.
  • Select ‘Agree & Continue’ once you have finished completing your details.
  • Once you have selected your policy, you will then be asked to enter a few details specific to the type of policy you are submitting, such as details relating to your driving licence.
  • After this point, all you need to do is fill in your details and the client reference number.

Driver FAQ’s

  • I have an Android phone and choosing my birthday requires me to scroll thousands of times? This is our most frequently asked question from drivers! On an Android Phone select the year of birth first, and then select month, then date.
  • Where do I download the app? Go to the App store and search for Insure Apps where the App 'Reich Group Claims App' will be listed which you can then download.
  • What happens if I don’t have 3G/4G or WIFI when I try to submit the claim? The claims data is stored on the phone when the claim is being recorded. This means that even if the user presses 'send' when they have no signal, the data will be stored on the phone, and submitted when they have a suitable connection.
  • What if my phone battery dies during submitting a claim? Much like the answer above, the claims data is stored on the phone. The information you have input thus far will be saved on the app, so you can 'resume' the report once your phone has charged.
  • If I forget to submit a claim at the time of the incident via the app, should I still do so? Yes, although the app is ideally to be used at the scene of the accident i.e. to capture GPS and make sure the claim is reported speedily – you can fill out the report at a later time. This shall require you to manually import the location and upload any photos you have taken; however, it is recommended you use the app as soon as possible.
  • What about my personal data stored on the phone? Because of new GDPR laws, your information is securely stored and the information cannot be used for anything other than the purpose of the app.
  • After downloading the app, do I need to do anything else? All you need to do is input the details required of your insurance broker in the app, and make sure to update the app when needed and keep it on your phone.