Pre and Post Loss Advice

Here at Reich we are as concerned at preventing our client’s losses as we are at helping to deal with them, should the worst happen.

Please see below some simple tips to ensure you are as prepared as possible for any adverse conditions, and able to react quickly, should the worst occur:

· Check weather reports regularly (via the Met Office or your local BBC website for example)
· Ensure you have emergency contact details of local authorities & utility companies. The UK Environment Agency also has a 24 hour flood line available on 0845 988 1188
· Check anchoring of roof/wall-mounted equipment (air con units, satellite dishes etc.)
· Particularly if your premises are located close to a river, consider raising stock and office equipment (if possible) from the floor
· Remove loose waste material
· Anchor down bins or store inside.

· Secure the property and identify damage, although do not enter if not safe to do so.
· Beware of electrical/telecoms cables that may have been damaged.
· Contact insurers (or your dedicated Reich contact).
· Carry out any temporary emergency repairs if possible.
If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a major and catastrophic loss whilst our offices are closed/out of hours please take the following action:-
· Take photos of the damage sustained, as many as possible will be helpful.
· Initiate all necessary and appropriate emergency works to “mitigate” (i.e. reduce) your loss, for example, restoring power, engaging water removal firms etc.
· Evidence the loss sustained by collating the costs incurred centrally. In terms of a commercial financial loss, such as business interruption, begin to gather evidence to prove what has been damaged, such as invoices for stock lost, or office contents damaged (computers/equipment etc.). Such evidence is vital in proving to the Insurers the loss you have sustained.
· Do not, unless you are forced to do so (perhaps by a government authority or the fire brigade for example) dispose of anything that has been damaged as the Insurers may want to examine such. If you are forced to do so then, again, evidence the damage by way of photographs.
We will only be able to formally confirm cover for the claim during our normal trading hours.
· If you are a residential customer with tenants in an uninhabitable property, then your tenants are free to seek reasonable alternative accommodation themselves. However, the cover is likely to be restricted to your own loss of rent sum insured and not the cost of their accommodation. We will be able to clarify this with you once our offices are open again.
· Email us at with as much detail as you can of the circumstances and we will then revert back to you as a matter of urgency as soon as we are back in the office.

When flooding is imminent
• Put in place any temporary flood defence measures, as identified in the response plan
• Raise susceptible equipment off the ground
• Relocate stocks to higher positions (e.g. take stocks from the lowest tier of racking to higher positions)
• Secure materials/ vessels/ equipment that could be dislodged and become ‘battering rams’ when pushed by flood water (pay particular attention to gas bottles and yard areas)
• Prepare to isolate electrical and other utility supplies.

Reich Client Guidance... Flood Protection Measures
Please click here to download the pdf.