Life Sciences

In the complex world of Life Sciences, companies are faced with a number of challenges and unique risks. Our expertise in this field means we can recommend innovative insurance solutions designed to be future-focused and flexible, with covers and service tailored to the very specific requirements of your business; today, tomorrow and into the future.

From R&D, medical device, pharmaceutical and biotech, through clinical trials to product sales and professional services, our long standing relationships with leading insurance partners allows us to offer a range of insurance solutions designed to cover every possible step on the path of a Life Sciences company. 

If you’re an incubator business, your major area of interest at this point is probably R&D, small to medium businesses might be advancing to clinical trials, with more established companies involved in product sales, post testing and approval. But whatever end of the Life Sciences spectrum your organisation is at, we’re perfectly placed to provide expert, informed advice.

As a company in the Life Science sector, you are passionate about the science and should have a broker that is passionate about the insurance! Reich Insurance are wholly independent meaning we are not tied to one insurer and can get you the best price and cover.

For R&D companies, we have a quote system that enables you to obtain an insurance quote in less than a minute.


  • Lowest premiums for R&D and new start ups
  • Online quote and bind system
  • Insurance policy tailored to the specific needs of your company rather than an off the shelf product
David McInally

David McInally

Business Development for Scotland & Northern England

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