Aircraft Title

For airplanes and helicopters of all sizes, we are able to offer an insurance solution for your specific needs.

Key Coverage

  • Fraud and Forgery
  • Unknown debts secured against either the aircraft, its engines or Propellers
  • Third parties claiming to have a better ownership right
  • Outstanding rates, taxes, charges and other levies which often affect aircraft
  • Invalid registration

What is underwritten by Insurers?

  • The policy can cover aircraft or helicopters
  • Insures the aircraft body and/ or engines, rotors, propellers
  • Aircraft traded anywhere in the EU & Switzerland


  • Wide range of legal ownership risks
  • Capacity is 'A' rated
  • Policy insures the owner for as long as they own the aircraft
  • Owner and/or lender can be the insured
David Cramp

David Cramp

Business Development Head

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