Distressed & High Risk Buildings

From Single Block to National Portfolio, whether you are a Residential Property Owner who is part of a Right to Manage scheme, or Commercial Owner, managing a portfolio of properties, the issues facing ‘Distressed Risk’ properties continue to present serious challenges. 

The term Distressed Risk can refer to a number of issues from the minor, to the complex including: 

  • Cladding issues, particularly regarding high-rise apartments 
  • Fire Breaks 
  • Compartmentation
  • Timber Cladding 
  • Timber Balconies 

These issues can take up serious resources in terms of expertise, time and finance, particularly if you don’t have access to a professional support network around you, such as Accountants, Lawyers, Fire Engineers, Surveyors, Risk Managers and specialist Insurance professionals. 

From an insurance point of view, in recent times we have seen insurers withdrawing from the property market, restricting cover and in some instances withdrawing cover midterm. As a result, the cost of buildings insurance has increased significantly and will continue to do so until a solution is found to make all the properties safe and classed as a lower risk. 

So how can you manage these risks and ultimately ensure your insurance premiums remain at a manageable level (for yourself, your company, or your tenants)? 

By working in partnership with Reich, you are able to access a bespoke insurance solution from vastly experienced experts in the field. We will take the time to review your remedial schedule and any other unique needs, to undertake a bespoke survey, then build an insurance programme around these requirements. 

With access to the entire market, including niche providers and Lloyds of London, we can genuinely offer independent expert advice, year-after-year, leaving you with one less thing to worry about. 

We currently insure over £27bn of property assets. Whether you are a building owner, a property manager or management committee, we are here to help. 


  • Access to Qualified Risk Management professionals 
  • Access to the entire insurance market, including Lloyds of London  
  • Specialists in Risk Management and Distressed Risk properties 
  • In-house claims team who understand this niche market.  


David Cramp

David Cramp

Business Development Head

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