Property Insurance

It is critical to obtain the correct insurance for your valuable property asset. The insurance market is wide and varied for the property sector with many different products that may not be suitable for your needs. To ensure you are fully protected it is essential to use a professional Insurance Broker who understands your business and can source the most appropriate product at the most competitive cost.

At Reich, we have been protecting our clients' property assets since 1943.

Unlike most Insurance Brokers we have a department dedicated to insuring property assets. This is a specialist team, with access to all the main property Insurers in the UK and many niche players who offer something different. We currently insure £20.8 Billion in property assets for clients ranging from large property companies and fund managers to single property owners and residents associations. Whatever your property insurance needs, we have got you covered.

I am extremely happy and satisfied with Reich. It is not very common in the ‘service industry’ that good, positive customer service is appreciated. I certainly do appreciate and thank Reich for all the hard work they have put in, despite all the changes etc. I am making. As our portfolio grows, we will be adding our properties on with Reich.

Shiro Rauniar, Managing Director of Solar Properties