Third Party Partners

As a specialist construction division, we understand that not all of our advice should be solely tailored around insurance. There are a multitude of factors when considering the risks associated with a construction site, and as such, we have partnered with a select few, hand-picked partners. These strategic partners offer a range of services to our clients and include right to light surveyors, expert structural warranty consultants, expert witnesses, risk management consultants and many more.

The advantage of working in a tripartite relationship with one of our strategic partners is that we can work in conjunction with them to help demonstrate the associated risks more accurately to insurers, ultimately resulting in lower premiums. The ongoing relationship that you will build with these consultants will also help with the risk management of your associated schemes, providing you with advice every step of the way. For more information, please get in touch now and ask us about our partners, to see how you can benefit.


  • Access to industry experts
  • Peace of mind that you are getting unbiased advice
  • Work in conjunction with your insurers to work on a rate improvement strategy
  • Add value to the overall risk management of a development