Contractors' All Risk

Contractors' All Risk is a cover that many people purchase, but it can be difficult to understand exactly what is and what isn’t covered. Policies can be purchased on an annual basis by developers and contractors alike. However, often this does not tie in with funders contractual requirements and often the policy wording means it is not suitable for all sites.

Annual policies are often the most cost effective way to insure, as it allows peace of mind and eases budgeting concerns. On the other hand, a project policy provides accurate wording, which can be tailored to suit your needs. Where your construction methods require bespoke materials, a development is set up under a new company or SPV, a scheme has a significantly large construction value or is over a longer period of time than your annual cover allows, then a project policy is likely to be more suitable.

Often Contractors' All Risk is left to the contractor to arrange but there are also options to take the cover out in the name of the Employer, some of which include:

  • Ability to change contractors and contract conditions mid-way through
  • Certainty of insured names and insured perils
  • Certainty of pricing
  • Adaptability of wording to suit your funder needs
  • Ability to include the existing structures on refurbishment projects
  • Ability to add site specific liabilities including Property Owners Liability and JCT 651 Liability under the same package policy
  • Ability to add anticipated loss of rent and anticipated loss of profit following an insured loss. 

At Reich, we understand these wordings and your needs. We speak regularly with funders and solicitors and understand their concerns. As a result, we can work in conjunction with you and your interested parties, for both annual and project specific arrangements, ensuring that all parties of the contract, and those with a vested interest in the development as a whole, are satisfied that the cover is adequate.

The specialist expertise and the flexibility of our dedicated construction team makes us the ideal choice when you are need of some expertise.


  • Protect against losses caused by damage to new works
  • Options to cover your anticipated loss of rent or profit as a result of delay caused by an insured loss
  • Packages available to include liabilities and existing structures
  • Taking the cover out as the employer allows for flexibility during the contract and with changes to contractors
  • Taking the cover out as a project policy allows for specific and accurate underwriting removing grey areas and reducing uncertainty