Trade Credit Insurance

If you are a company who trades business to business, and on Credit terms, then trade credit insurance could help to support your business growth plans, protect your business against bad debts, provide you with credit control assistance and other important information about whom you are trading with. Trade credit insurance covers the debt outstanding to you, so your cash flow is safeguarded, and you can focus on the essential matters in your business. 

The insurer tracks the financial information about your customers and provides a probability of failure score for each client you have, providing you with the ability to trade with confidence, in the knowledge that you will receive a large proportion of the debt back should the worst happen. If your customers become insolvent or fail to pay, you will be indemnified for the cost of goods and services you have delivered.

Trade Credit Insurance has been around for over 100 years, yet many businesses do not know it is available. During the recent pandemic, the government set aside a 10 billion guarantee, to assist in propping up the economy for companies with an existing policy or those who required one. Many businesses see their clients as secure, they know them, are friends with them, and have worked with them for years. Unfortunately, we see all too often these types of businesses or agreements often fail. If a business is turning over £1.5m in sales with a 5% margin and had a bed debt of £22,500, it would have to increase its turnover by 30% to recoup the lost income. Therefore, having Trade Credit insurance in place is so important, and more importantly protects against such things happening.  

Reich and our partners can provide a free health assessment of your business. To find out more, click here to get in touch and we will assist you in checking and safeguarding your business against such threats. 


  • Protection against the effects of buyer insolvency or extended late payment.
  • Debt Collections services – support when customers are not paying on time.
  • Risk management tool - High quality information to help you target your sales efforts more effectively, focusing on profitable buyers & markets and avoiding financially weak customers.
  • Customer monitoring - Early warning that a customer is in financial difficulty, allowing you time to withdraw from the trading relationship safely.
  • Access to finance – Banks will look favourably at clients with trade credit insurance, as there is less risk involved.